Role of trucking industry stakeholders in addressing Covid-19 challenges

trucks on Indian road

The trucking industry in India is facing a major crisis due to the global Coronavirus pandemic. How is the industry responding to the crisis and what can we learn from this about the resilience of the industry in overcoming its challenges in these unprecedented times? We will attempt to answer these questions by looking at […]

Creating a healthier future for trucking in India

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There is no single industry that has been immune to the effects of the global Coronavirus pandemic. However, some industries have been more resilient in navigating this crisis compared to others, and this can be attributed not just to their nature of work, but also to the extent to which they have adopted technology in […]

Spotlight on Truck Drivers’ Health in India

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As scores of truck drivers continue against all odds to ply the roads to deliver essential goods across the country, it is important not only to #ThankOurTruckers but also to bring notice to their health and safety in these testing times. The novel Coronavirus has globally affected scores of people of all age groups and […]

The silver lining in these life changing times

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We started our journey with Intents Mobi with the objective to save lives on the road. From our day to day life, to the products we have been working on, road safety has been the common denominator. There are close to 5,00,000 accidents on Indian roads, leading to almost 1,50,000 fatalities, every year. That is […]

Addressing Truck Drivers’ needs during the COVID-19 crisis

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The trucking industry is the lifeline of India’s economy, moving goods across the length and breadth of the country. The significance of their role is further magnified at a time like this when we are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis and the nation is under lockdown to contain it, and essential goods such as food, […]