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Making mobility humane

We are a geospatial intelligence company using data intelligence to create better, more efficient and inclusive solutions for mobility & transportation

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Years of Development

About Us

About Us

Tracing paths better for you

“Is that road even safe at night?” or “I would rather drive more than deal with potholes” are just some from a long list of variables we as humans account for when deciding on a route to take. Type of roads, time of the day, weather conditions, road conditions, lighting conditions and many other factors contribute towards determining the correct route. Sadly, over the years, we have been forced to choose between the clinical ‘Fastest Route’ and ‘Shortest Route’.

We are changing that to make mobility more humane and maps better tailored. Do not choose fastest, choose correct.

And what are we bringing in?

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Our secret sauce

Our secret sauce

The binge watching, game playing, meme sharing, selfie snapping device in our pockets!

Intents Mobi uses smartphone sensors to plot the added layers for maps. The data is generated with the help of half a million strong community of Scouts and processed with our AI & deep tech engines and some everyday wizardry to give us meaningful insights.

Differentiated Traffic

Traffic is different for different type of vehicles. A jam for truck might be smooth sailing for a motorcyclist. And just like you, we too understand that and account for it based on your choice of ride to tell you about traffic, as it is for you

Road Condition

“I like potholes” said no one ever. We know where all the potholes are, we know when new ones come up, and yes, you can easily use that to find beautiful roads or avoid bumps on your ride

Vehicle Pliability

Ever stumbled onto a road too narrow for your car? Even we have. Which is why we have the entire road networks categorised based on the kind of vehicles each road is suitable for. No more unpleasant surprises

Impactful Events

The traffic ahead could just be slow moving vehicles or could be the making of a jam that you will forever remember, forced by an something like heavy rain or construction. We keep an active eye on things to alert you and optimise your route for the same

Scale is the key

Scale is the key

and hardware is so 90s

India is a vast country with roads spread over 58,000,000 kms. Reaching every corner of this requires technology that has no barriers, technology that is not just scalable but accessible.

Galileo needed just a lever, we can do even without that to help the world move better.

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Length of Roads Mapped Daily

Getting traffic information for more than 1 Crore Kms of roads on a daily basis.

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API Calls per Second

Processing data at a rapid rate to make sure everything works in real time.

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MBs of Image Data Processed Daily

With more than 20,000 reports on a daily basis, our AI engines validate each  report.

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Size of the Community

Our Intents Scouts community that helps us gather the data which we use to help you.

Big numbers? We are just warming up

Happy to take you on a backstage tour if you would like.
We are changing

We are changing

More than just how we move

With our unique technology and large scale we are helping various industries be the absolute best they can be

Construction & Maintenance

It doesn’t take long for a crack in the road to turn into a crater. Infrastructure companies can save upto 75 percent in maintenance costs using Intents Roots, our realtime road condition monitoring system

Logistics & Transportation

Every penny adds up, and for India’s transportation industry, it adds up to over $11 billion/year in wasted fuel costs due to poorly optimised systems & lack of navigation systems for trucks. Our situationally aware maps change that with navigation optimised for trucks

Fleet Management

Getting data about all your vehicles is easy, we shine in making it work to your advantage. Vehicle location, driver behaviour, road conditions, route optimisation and a lot more. All without the costly and intrusive OBD GPS devices

Vehicle Insurance

Not all drivers behave the same and neither should their insurance assume so. We make it possible for insurance companies to quantify driving behaviour fairly, thanks to our layers of data about road conditions, unlike existing systems that lack situational awareness

Ride Hailing & Taxis

At any speed, potholes are just an inconvenience on your lucky day, and a potentially ugly injury on any other. Offer smoother, safer rides to the customers using your vehicles and minimise maintenance costs

Advanced Driver-Assistance System

Our vehicles are evolving to offer better, safer human-machine interface and that requires better spatial data. We offer solutions not just to improve existing ADAS, but also for a more efficient, driverless future tomorrow

How It Works

How It Works

The whirling gears running the machine

Our little idea has seen years of tinkering, evolution, innovation and adoption to create products that save lives on the road and make mobility humane


We build

Our community of Scouts that is willing to help


We generate

Data that can help us map road conditions, while avoiding any personal data


We draw

Insights from the data, to learn about the road conditions


We provide

Safer navigation, better monitoring, easier logistics and more, using the insights

Intents Go
World's First Situationally Aware Navigation with Pothole & other safety alerts

Free for personal use and absolutely private

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

People Love Us

for building the world’s first road safety and privacy focussed navigation app. Not our words, but of the publishers you trust

Our Outlets

Our Outlets

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The world around us changes each data and so do we. Know more about what all we do.

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About Intents Mobi

Intents Mobi is a geospatial intelligence company that provides situational awareness to navigation and routing.

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