February 27, 2023


Categories: Road Safety

How Real-time Mapping App Changes The Way You Drive in India

Imagine taking your grandparents on a ride in your new car, and Wham! They bumped their head on the car’s roof because you jumped a nasty bump. 

Sadly, this is a far too common occurrence on our roads. Whether you are driving a car or on a bicycle, potholes on your route can be anywhere from mild inconvenience to fatal accidents. 

India is a diverse country with many interconnected roads, smooth highways, and dirt roads. But weather conditions, rough road usage, and untimely maintenance often create uneven roads with cracks, potholes, and crooked paths.

This is why we need more than just standard live mapping mobile apps when driving. While the right directions are important, we need more than just the fastest route. We require a route that is safe and fast. 

Here is where Intents Go comes in. It is an easy-to-use mobile app that gives you real-time directions to your destination. But it also takes into account road conditions and weather conditions to map the best path for you. 

Real-Time Data To Assist You Better

Intents Go is a real-time mapping app made for Indian roads. We are a community of 500,000+ mappers who collect road data continuously and map intelligently so that your maps are updated in real-time. When you work with real-time data, you get instant updates based on real situations like weather and traffic. 

Confusing? Here are a few examples to show you what real-time data actually means- 

  • Had rain last night? Some roads might be blocked or flooded. Intents Go tells you which routes are safe. 
  • Taking your regular route? Check Intents Go first. There might be unusual traffic due to accidents, roadblocks, or repair work.  
  • Traveling with fragile cargo? Intents Go will tell you the road with the least potholes and speed bumps. 

Intents Go takes into account the data we get from our mappers to ensure that you have the latest information. From big highways to small-town roads, we update your map with real-time traffic data. 

But that’s not all! An hour-long traffic jam for a car might be easily crossed by a two-wheeler. Roads look different when you are driving different vehicles. 

That is why Intents Go personalizes the map routes and directions as per your vehicle – two-wheeler, four-wheeler, truck, and other heavy-duty vehicles. Avoiding main roads and going on smaller roads can save you a lot of time when on a bike or cycle. Similarly, rougher roads might not be safe on your two-wheeler but can be a shortcut in a car. 

This way, you get personalized maps for your particular vehicle and your driving path. With all this data, road safety is no longer left up to fate. You have the power to make informed decisions based on the present conditions around you.

Like the idea of safe and fast maps? You can give Intents Go a trial. It’s free!