Frequently Asked Questions

Intents Mobi is a geospatial intelligence company registered in India with Headquarters in Gurgaon. We are trying to make maps for India just like Google Maps. In order to do that, we need photos (just like Google Maps) and hence the people who download the app can take photos which get submitted to us. 

As per the Government of India circular (dated February 15, 2021), any Indian company is free to collect data without any approvals from police or local authorities. Please find a link below for the government order.


What data do we collect?

Intents Mobi collects only data that is publicly available. We do not encourage users to capture photos of elements or areas which can be restricted. The types of photos that are accepted are:


In case you have any questions on our operations, please write to us and we shall do our best to respond as soon as possible.



How It Works

How It Works

Our Working Process

As people collect photos though the app, the photos are uploaded to our servers and then deleted from the users phones. At no point, the images are saved on the users phone post upload. This makes sure that we can take care of the privacy of the users.


Take the photo

The app allows the users to take photos only from the app camera and not their phone's default camera.


Photo Upload

The photos are uploaded by the app automatically and once the photo is uploaded, it is removed from the users phone


We Clean

We find out photos which are inappropriate and our Artificial Engine rejects the ones that are not correct.


Show on Map

The correct photos are then shown on our Maps Intents Go

Video Tutorial

Why people use us?

Why people use us?

We help people earn some cash

Our apps pay users directly to their PayTm wallets, therefore, removing all middlemen and commissions.

Our systems are fully automated to make sure that the system is fair to everyone.

Please Contact Us For Any other Information

We are happy to help any time, please feel free to write to us at hello@intents.mobi

What photos?

What photos?

See what photos are rejected

Please see the examples below of which photos are accepted and which are rejected, so that you capture the right photos.

Wrong Photo

There is no shop in the photo

Wrong Photo

There is no shop in the photo

User Block

For such types of photos, we block the user

Wrong Photo

The office cannot be seen in the photo

Wrong Photo

No Shop in the photo

Not a Shop

Food Truck or Thela is not valid photo

User Blocked

These types of photos, we block the user

Wrong Photo

Hospital cannot be seen in photo

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