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GIS vs Geospatial Mapping: How Are They Different?

In recent times, nothing has had a more significant impact on people’s lives worldwide than geographical data. People use geodata in their daily lives constantly, from navigation to region-specific television and more. There are many geographical technologies that govern our understanding of geodata.  In this blog, we discuss about two of them – GIS vs […]

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Growth in GIS Industry in 2023

India has the fastest-growing economy and focuses on infrastructure development, digitalisation, and urbanisation across all economic sectors. GIS is already integral to infrastructural development, healthcare, agriculture, and administration programs. Additionally, the rise of the global GIS market has picked up speed in the last two years. The reason for the same has been the speed […]

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Geographic Information System (GIS) is no longer a foreign term. GIS technology offers various applications, including disaster management, healthcare, emergency preparedness, public safety, and land management. India has long been a pioneer in using current spatial technologies, beginning with its Indian satellites for remote sensing and image-based mapping in the 1980s and developing GIS databases […]

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