Intelligent Mobility APIs

The large scale data that we gather and process have helped is design APIs that are specifically suited for businesses

Traffic Information

Traffic information is not just used to find out how much time would it take for someone to get from point A to point B. It can give many more answers, for example, where should I place my outdoor billboard (after all the slower the traffic, the more user attention you would get)? Our traffic layers are designed to help you find such answers.

450 Kms of Roads Data Everyday
We gather data for more than 450 kms per day to give an accurate picture of traffic movement.
Segregated based on vehicle type
We understand that traffic is not the same for all types of vehicles, therefore, we provide traffic information separately for cars, trucks/buses and two wheelers
Historical Trends
We have been capturing this data for 3 years, so we can provide you the trends from history as well.
Where is What?

Geocoding converts the location of any entity in the physical world to the digital world of co-ordinates. We have been capturing this data from across the country and making it available.

  • Post Pandemic Data

    The entire data has been collected post pandemic, therefore all older entities that may have shut down or moved are eliminated from our data.

  • More than 1.4 Crore Geocodes

    We are big and increasing that number by 10 lakh new geocodes per month at an average.

  • 100% Verified

    Every geocode is verified for accuracy and is associated with an image, so that you know where is what and how does it look like.

Mobility Incidents

Incidents that happen on roads are one the biggest impacts on mobility. A highway that has a free flowing traffic get choked for hours if an accident happens. A road closure due to a protest may make you go around for hours.

a) 13 Types of Incidents captured from across India (Road Closures, Accidents, Water Logging, Fog and more)

b) 100% validated though images and AI

c) Refreshed in near real time

Incidents Matter

Mobility Incidents

Various incidents keep happening on our roads and they impact mobility at all scales. Intents Mobi is the only source of this data to help you run your business efficiently.

Potholes/ Speed Breakers/ Bad Patches

Getting real time information on road conditions can be highly beneficial for not just saving lives and avoiding accidents, but to bring efficiencies for businesses as well. We gather data from lakhs of kilometers of roads each day and find out road conditions.

a) Segments categorised into Good, Bad & Ugly

b) Every pothole marked based on intensity

c) 15 million Kms of roads surveyed everyday.

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