January 3, 2023


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Mapping India… At a pace that is needed..

Let us start with the phrase “Content is King” which is critical especially from Location Intelligence and Location-based services. Content actually fuels Location – based Services. We at Intents Mobi are working on enriching the content for location-based services. Our model is on the foundation of CaaS (Content as service) + PaaS (Platform as service) + SaaS (Software as service) 

One of the most important contents in Location – based services is Point of Interest (POIs)/Places, where users search mostly. Unlike developed countries where content is freely available via open data platforms and more structured, in developing countries as most of the contents are unstructured it is difficult to get accurate POIs/Places. Even Post Covid Lockdown there has been a considerable change occurred in POIs/ Places in India (~40% of POIs closed down, ~17% of new POIs opened up and ~7%-8% of POIs have shifted their location). 

During last 10 months’ time Intents Mobi have collected 13M+ POIs / Places for India under 1800+ categories. Month on month we are processing ~1M POIs for India due to dynamic changes.  India is an exciting market and we are trying to solve some of the complex problems related to Location Content which will be useful for Location Intelligence, Location Based Mapping Enterprises, Logistics, Road Safety, Ride Hailing, Food Delivery etc. One of the key aspects of our POIs / Places is precise location which is useful for accurate navigation. The location for POIs/ Places is precise as none of the data falls on the Backside/ Top of the Building, Middle of Road, Opposite Side of Road etc. 

We know India as a Market and Pulse of the customers/enterprises (the problem of accuracy of POIs as well as growth scale) and we launched “TaskByte” our custom SaaS platform for data collection. Post the launch, the platform is used by 1M+ scouts for data collection across different parts of India and even enterprises can use the platform for custom data collection according to their needs. TaskByte is a Customizable Platform, Ready-to-go solution, Adaptive ML Models ( Data Collection<> Data Processing <> Data Annotation <> Data Analysis <> Model training, deployment  and evaluation <> Model Monitoring ). 

Intents Mobi now offers off-the-shelf POI data by  leveraging  TaskByte  to serve Enterprises and Location Content Companies  for custom POI data. However, many companies require standard POI / Places data for varied use cases. To serve these customers, we now offer off-the-shelf dataset for India (~13M+ from 1800+ categories) 

If you want to know more about our POI/Places data or any enterprises wants to use TaskByte pls feel free to write to us at hello@intents.mobi 

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