March 10, 2023


Categories: Road Safety

Enhancing Road Safety in India One Step At A Time

When we were young, my friends and I loved jumping and splashing in the many potholes that lined our roads. In our tiny world, the pothole was a massive lake for our paper boats to cruise in. But now, we all realize how dangerous potholes are, and how it severely affects the road safety in India. 

Especially in a country like India, with so many different vehicles and people using the roads, even a small pothole or unevenness can cause a lot of accidents. Whether it is cars, two-wheelers, heavy-duty trucks, or just walking on foot, road safety in India is crucial. 

While the government builds new roads and conducts timely checkups and maintenance of the many roads and highways, we have to take precautions on our part. But don’t worry. We have a very simple solution for you. What if there was an app that – 

  • showed you where potholes are? 
  • told you which route is safest? 
  • found a route that gets you to your destination without any uneven roads or potholes? 

Check out Intents Go – a real-time mapping application specifically designed for our unique Indian roads. The app will tell you the fastest and safest route, so you never have to worry about potholes again. Get information about uneven roads, potholes, speed breakers, and more as you drive in real-time. 

How Intents Go Keeps You and Your Loved Ones Safe 

On Indian roads, driving sometimes is a fun, adventurous ride, and Intents Go is here to guide you through the rollercoaster. The app does more than just show directions. You get alerts for possible hazards to your safety on the road too! 

The app shows you speed limits so you are always driving under the limitations and can avoid those dreaded speeding fines. Intents Go informs you of road conditions, such as broken patches of road, ongoing construction work, highway rules, potholes, and more, so you can drive safely. 

The app also shows you the streetlight conditions and long deserted roads to avoid potentially dangerous situations. This feature is especially helpful when you are travelling alone or driving through unfamiliar terrain at night. While the city roads of India are well-equipped, many rural roads need proper lighting for long stretches. 

Equipped with this much data, you can ensure that your road travels are safe and happy. Road safety is essential, and Intents Go gives you all the information, so you are in complete control. You can protect yourself and your loved ones by driving carefully and safely.