Building new bridges to fix transportation

We have often come across the term “building bridges” as a powerful idea to solve complex problems, resolve conflicts or foster innovation. In a metaphorical sense, we tend to think about this as the coming together of people from diverse backgrounds or disciplines to work towards a common goal. In the present information age, we […]

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Nitin Gadkari on highway development- build more, build faster

Union road transport minister Nitin Gadkari wants to build more highways at a fast pace to restart the economy. He said rapid infrastructure development while taking necessary health precautions is very important for economic growth. Inspite of Covid-19 impact, he has plans to build 10,250 km of highways this year, which is slightly more than […]


Creating a healthier future for trucking in India

There is no single industry that has been immune to the effects of the global Coronavirus pandemic. However, some industries have been more resilient in navigating this crisis compared to others, and this can be attributed not just to their nature of work, but also to the extent to which they have adopted technology in […]