Road Safety

The unintended upsides of the COVID 19 lockdown

These are trying times for all of us. The whole world is dealing with the Coronavirus / COVID 19 crisis with no clear resolution available yet. So obviously, the best we can do right now is to stay indoors and not come in contact with others to eliminate the risk of spreading COVID 19. In […]

Featured Road Safety

Swapping the boots for safer roads

Of the time I have spent traversing our road networks, a major fraction has been on two wheels. To me, cars have been little more than a tool to serve a function, motorcycles have been more. More than a decade and almost 80K kms later, there is still a charm that pulls me back to […]


Why Intents?

Roads are amazing. They evoke emotions. To some they bring the joy of passing through beautiful landscapes, to some, the fun of being behind the wheel, while, to some, the excitement of experiencing new cultures up close. There is a smile that just sneaks up the moment you think of a road trip. That of […]